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500kVA & 600kVA Diesel Generators

600kVA Diesel Generators

Known for their ruggedness and sophisticated technology, Cat ® C-18 engines are electronically controlled – delivering excellent fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The reliable, compact design enables easy installation, operation and maintenance.
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600 kVA Diesel Generator Sets for Installation in India
Engine Model
No. of Cylinders
C 18

Generator Set

Packaged at the state-of-the-art packaging facility of Caterpillar India Private Limited (CIPL), Cat® generator sets are assembled and tested as a complete unit.

Engine Features
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced nitrogen oxides and other gaseous emissions
  • Excellent transient response during load variations
  • Increased time between overhauls
AC Generators
  • AREP windings: provides better short circuit protection and higher motor starting capability
  • Load Adjustment Module (LAM): offers engine relief upon sudden block loading, improves load acceptance and recovery time.
ADEM Controllers
Designed to survive the harshest environment, the ADEM III controller is housed in an environmentally sealed die cast aluminum housing, which protects electronic components from moisture and dirt contamination.
  • All wiring is made at the two seventy pin connectors
  • Capable of operating from -40°C to 120°C
  • Internal circuits are designed to withstand battery shorts and can operate in electrical noise environment up to 100 volts/meter
  • Withstands a vibration of 2g with a frequency from 18-500 Hz
Noise Enclosure
C-18 diesel generator sets come with a sound attenuated acoustic enclosure. Designed for easy installation and maintenance, they offer improved access to all tie points. Noise enclosures from Caterpillar feature:
  • Sturdy and weather-resistant materials to ensure durability for all weather conditions
  • Non-igniting and self-extinguishing acoustic mineral wool of 50mm thick (noise and thermal insulation in addition to resin bonding having a 96 kg/m3 density)
Diagnostics and Monitoring
Eliminating the need for numerous switches, relays and meters, the Cat EMCP generator set control panel offers:
  • Comprehensive engine and generator set monitoring
  • Control and protection features
With add on modules, the generator set package can be monitored remotely through normal phone lines with a standard computer.