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Caterpillar understands your aspiration to transcend the ordinary. Whether your company scales up its operations to enter global markets or gears up to meet domestic demands, the dependence on a reliable power backup with maximum uptime becomes crucial. That's when you need Caterpillar, a world that is the hallmark of Cat© products. So with Caterpillar you can rest assured leader in diesel and gas generator sets. Caterpillar top quality engines are designed to deliver environmental friendly power solutions without compromising on fuel efficiency and performance, that is the hallmark of CAT products. So with CAT you can rest assured that your growth strategy is backed by an uninterrupted and reliable power supply, which empowers you to take on the world.
A subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc., USA, Caterpillar India manufactures Cat® engines and generator sets at their certified world-class Caterpillar facility, located at Hosur (45 km from Bangalore).

     200 kVA Diesel Generators
     250 kVA Diesel Generators
     320 kVA Diesel Generators
     365 kVA Diesel Generators
     500 kVA Diesel Generators
     600 kVA Diesel Generators
     725 kVA Diesel Generators
     1010 kVA Diesel Generators
     1500 kVA Diesel Generators
     2000 kVA Diesel Generators
     2275 kVA Diesel Generators
     2725 kVA Diesel Generators
     3000 kVA Diesel Generators
     Gas Generator

Cat Global dealers
Gmmco formerly known as General Marketing and Manufacturing Co Ltd, is a GP-CK Birla Group company established in the year 1967.

As an authorized dealer for Cat products, the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines
CAT dealer India
For over 63 years GCPL has been a growth partner to India's infrastructure sectors and is amongst the country's leading providers of a wide range of technology intensive equipment for infrastructure development that represent some of the finest in global technology.

GCPL has continuously and successfully anticipated the future needs of the industry and introduced state of the art products - with many firsts in the market. The plant at Kolkata is the only purpose built manufacturing facility in this part of the world.

From the very beginning, Caterpillar has designed and built engines that excel where others fail. After more than 60 years, Caterpillar still delivers on this promise by using the best that modern technology has to offer, then pushing it to the new levels the customers demand. Cat engines deliver consistent performance, durability, reliability and economy, day after day, in some of the world's most grueling conditions. Competitive conditions demand that an engine get more done, in less time, at the lowest possible cost. We have met this challenge head-on with engines that are incredibly stingy on fuel. Engines that are precision manufactured for low maintenance and long life to overhaul.